Wedding Photography


Please note, set packages are derived from the most popular of wedding photography requests and are included to simplify your decisions and to give you a general idea of pricing and inclusions. However, they are not set in stone and each package can easily be tailored and adjusted based on your requirements.

Wedding albums are not included in the above packages. However, please visit our Albums page to view our competitive and exclusive pricing as an upgrade to any package.

Contact Robert for a Quote:
It is completely normal if you are not yet sure about the details of your wedding day and are currently in the phase of "preparation". Under these circumstances Robert would be more than happy to provide you with some friendly suggestions and/or advice on scheduling options and standard wedding photographic requirements.
If your wedding day has already been planned and scheduled, please provide Robert with as much detail as possible, in order for him to prepare an appropriate individual offer tailored to your wishes and needs. It is also important to specify exactly which part of your wedding day you want to be photographed. Please see below what information is required for an individual offer to be sent to you:

Necessary information for your individual offer:

1. Date of wedding
2. Time requiring a photographer (e.g. from 10am to 12am)
3. Wedding day itinerary and what events you want photographed (see below for an example to assist in your provision of information for offer)

Sample Itinerary:

    1. Bride and groom preparation
    2. Bride and groom arrival to ceremony
    3. Wedding ceremony
    4. Post ceremony family & group shots
    5. Photography of wedding couple & bridal party (location shoot)
    6. Wedding reception (arrival, cake cutting, first dance, speeches, table shots, reception group & family shots)
    7. Reception party
    8. Departure of wedding couple (throwing of bouquet and end of reception)

4. Wedding location(s) (preparation, ceremony, reception)
5. Do you plan to showcase your images in a photo album or on canvas print?

If you have any questions at all, please use a contact listed below. Robert always does his very best to fulfil your wishes and exceed your expectations for your special day. There is nothing more important to Robert than ensuring that your absolute satisfaction is met on this momentous occasion.

If you not sure about details and you find yourself in phase of "preparation" not having a clear idea, do not hesitate to contact Robert. His prepared packages are ready to be sent on request via email.

Family and Portrait Photography


Package pricing is based on the amount of required photographs, location, and time spent on the photoshoot. Images displayed in a photo album of your choice are available on request as well.
For the day of the shoot, you are more than welcome to suggest your own location. However, if you have not selected a location but have a theme in mind (e.g. beachside, city, waterfront, lookout point, etc.), Robert is extremely familiar with Sydney's premium locations and would be more than happy to provide you with some friendly suggestions.

Should you have any questions or requirements, please use the contact page so that Robert can consult an individual offer that is appropriate for your needs.

Commercials & Other

Please use the contact form for any question and Enquires..